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Trial of Spirit (Book 3 of Elf Queen of Kiirajanna) is now available! Check my works page for ordering details. It took an effort to get the book wrestled into a great story per my own high standards, but I'm glad to be done and working on finishing Book 4 now.

The Kickstarter campaign was a success! It was quite a project, getting files all set up and ready to submit to a new print on demand provider (Ingram-Spark), but they're all there now and I can't wait to get them into bookstores. I have my own ISBNs and am now the actual publisher of record of all my paperbacks.

Finally, I'm getting all fancy and stuff and starting to book appearances now that I'm nearly done with two great book series. The first one is the Emporia Public Library Authors Fair on June 24th, so if you can join me in Emporia, Kansas, please do! Also looking forward to an appearance in Portland, Oregon, in August. More info later!

Older News

So, I've been a writing fool. And a moving fool, too. All those Author Bios that say I live in Mobile, Alabama? Wrong, now. We're proud residents of Topeka, Kansas, as of August, 2016--and we hope to be able to say that for a long, long while.

And speaking of writing--I am nearly done with Book 3 of Elf Queen of Kiirajanna, and I think you'll love it! It's a skosh darker in content than the first book was, but that's because the story line is progressing to where I hope to have the final battle in Book 4. Which I'm writing this November, and so I hope to have the whole series completed by middle of 2017.

Oh, and sorry, my web page hasn't been updated in a while. I realized I didn't even have Trial of Ice available on the Works page. That's fixed, and I've also added an option on each paperback to buy it directly from me in a signed edition. Please don't forget to add your address in the PayPal comments!